Sunday, September 4, 2011

Here, Take My Card.

For some time now, probably ever since seeing my dad's Honeywell business cards as a child, I have equated having business cards with being successful. "You mean to say that so many people need to contact you that you can't just write your number down? Woah." More importantly, I equate having business cards with having a job, and for a recent college graduate, that is a success. Well, as of last week, I do not have a job (at least not one that pays me), but i do have business cards!

After receiving someone else's business card at a Philadelphia Film Society event, I quickly decided that I wanted ones of my own, so that I may also hand them out to interested parties. (My sister suggested that I find the highest staircase in the most populated building on campus and 'make it rain,' but I feel I should be more conservative with my cards.) Upon deciding to get them, I went to Vistaprint's site and began designing.

Note to would-be adults: Vistaprint is really good for business cards. You can design 250 two-sided card for $15. Or allow them to put their logo on the back and it'll be free!

As I indeed judge people by their business cards, I knew that this was a big step. People (myself included) judge appearances and a business card could be your first impression. Neurotic, yes. False, no. So, I tried my best to make mine tasteful, yet unique. I think they came out quite well. Now all I have to do is wait for someone who wants to hire me. I look forward to the day when the person on the receiving end of "Here, take my card." is not a blood relative or a roommate.


  1. your roommate definitely wants one!

  2. haha you'll get one, i promise. just in case you need to get in touch with me. lol